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With the weather changing, you certainly don’t need an excuse to pour yourself a hefty glass of Shiraz, but here are a few reasons based on fun facts about our beloved Shiraz.


  1. Aussies quaff more Shiraz than any other variety of wine. It is widely planted across Australia and is versatile enough to make affordable shareable wine as well as magnificent world-class classics. Do it for Australia.

  2. Shiraz can also be called Syrah, Balsamina, Candive, Hignin Noir, Marsanne Noir, Sirac, Syra, and Sereine, so all levels of wankery can be catered for.
  3. Shiraz is potentially one of the healthiest red wines in the world to drink – we can thank the higher tannins from the thicker skin of the Shiraz grapes for making us feel that bit smugger when we quaff the next glass – Cheers to your health!
  4. We have sourced a couple of gem Shiraz styles from two great Australian producers, loved by James Halliday and we can get them to you at fantastic prices. You can try the great value, soft and juicy Credaro 5 Tales Shiraz from Margaret River for, only $13.99 a bottle or the Yangarra Shiraz from McLaren Vale, normally $30, we have it for $24.50. Our recommendation? We would get both. In fact, we did get both.

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