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Uummm, yeah, good question. Is this even possible?

Avocado is one creamy and dense little unit. Its sweetness and fattiness makes it one of the most beguiling, and smashed, things on the planet right now. If you are like us and every time you eat you want to have a wine too, you have to be asking, “So what is the best wine to drink with my avo?”

We have put this to the test and suggest pairing your avocado dishes with a zesty Sem-Savvy B, like Amelia Park’s Trellis, that is clean and crisp. Lime and citrussy overtones cut through the creaminess of the avocado and mean you could probably smash out twice as much as you first thought. Of both.

The greatest news is that a quality non-vintage sparkling, like the Azahara, also works to cut through the sweetness of the avo, so that means…Breakfast Sparkling with avo on toast! Breakfast time is one of our favourite times to celebrate so now you have the perfect excuse – it matches your avocado, eggs and smoked salmon. You are welcome.