Why use our event services?


Because we all dream of that time when we hold the greatest event ever that people talk about forever because they had their best wine ever and the best time ever. And you didn’t have to stress about it.

Don’t just bulk buy one type of red and one type of white . Let us sort out a fantastic selection of wines that your guests will love and that we know will get the party started. Our store has a selection that we think are top-quality and great value and we also have access to loads more wine. Loads.

We can get them delivered to you and we will send you the low-down on each of our selections as a little extra conversation starter.

01. Fill out our form

Let us know some details about your event. How many are coming? Is it a formal occasion or very casual? What music are you playing?

02. The perfect mix

Our experts are your wine concierge. We use our knowledge of wine and our event experience to make a great mix of interesting wines to get your event buzzing.

03. Delivered to you

Once you are happy with the selection, we will ship them to where they need to be and you can just tick that off your to-do list and enjoy the party.

This form gets you closer to the greatest ever
party pack of wine

Is it a party for one?

Answer our Wine DeViner quiz questions all about you and your wine drinking skills and we personalise a subscription especially for you.