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Grab a glass of this Pinot Grigio, put on your Dolce and Gabbanas and start googling Friuli wine region. Sip on this stunning crisp and dry white wine while you picture yourself on a romantic holiday in this unspeakably beautiful and little known wine region. Keep La Dolce Vita going by calling your friend that looks like Sophia Loren. In fact, invite her over for risotto and about three more bottles of this stunner.

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Grape: Pinot Grigio

Vintage: 2018

Region: Friuli, Italy

Alcohol: 12%

Friuli-Venezia Giulia lies in the top-right corner of Italy, between Austria, Slovenia, the Adriatic Sea, and Veneto (Venice!). Although the region is relatively small compared to the rest of Italy, it ranks among the best for producers of white wines.

The grapes are harvested at optimum maturity in the first half of September. The grapes are fermented in bianco and so there is no skin contact to avoid any ramato (copper) colouring. After a very gentle crush the must is placed in stainless steel tanks where fermentation is completed within 13-15 days.Pale yellow straw in colour.

The bouquet is vibrant and immediate, with intense notes of acacia flowers. The palate is crisp and dry, with lively acidity and a refreshing finish.

This zesty Pinot Grigio is an ideal match with fish and shellfish based dishes, poached white meats and poultry and vegetable entrees including risotto.

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