Dal Zotto Pucino Prosecco NV


Hey pretty young Prosecco, how about jumping in my cart? At $216/dozen, the party is just starting

Why do we love it, you ask?

Glorious fun-lovin’ Prosecco from the King Valley – it’s Prosecco time ALL the time people!  If you need to know anything about Prosecco, it’s that it is a perfect wine for partying.  Nothing like sipping a Prosecco with your besties while you are warming up to party all night. Try throwing in a splash of Campari for a killer spritz.

Made by the multi award winning team at Dal Zotto, this one is a pleasure to drink. All. The. Time.

matchy matchy

This wine is going to make these types of food delish…and vice versa!



Party Food!

The long version.
Impress your friends. Impress yourself.

Grape: Prosecco

Vintage: NV

Region: King Valley

Alcohol: 10.5%

Pale straw, vivid green youthful hue with tantalizing hints of fresh cut pear, citrus blossom and a mere suggestion of spice jump out and present themselves on the bouquet; the palate is soft, appealing, approachable and basically a whole lot of fun, with gentle bubbles and alcohol combining seamlessly, and offering the maximum amount of freshness for a drink early, enjoy and not necessarily in moderation style of sparkling wine; a spot on example of Prosecco.

Clone: Originates from the Balbi family of clones. Renowned for their fine characters and delicate aromatics. These clones have the greatest expression of floral and citrus characters.

Sites Cheshunt site: white porous soil mix of gravel and clay

Winemaking The fruit is machine harvested in the early hours of the morning and then loaded directly into the press. The free run juice is separated from the pressings during this stage. The free run gives the greatest fruit expression both aromatically and on the palate. The juice is allowed to settle and then inoculated within 24 hours of harvest. The fermentation temperature is generally between 14 -16 degrees and can last for up to a month. Once fermentation is complete the wine is clarified and stabilised in preparation for the secondary ferment. The Pucino Prosecco is made into a sparkling wine using the Charmat Method. This process involves re-inoculating the wine in a pressurized vessel. This ferment generally takes three weeks after which the wine is adjusted to the desired sugar level and then bottled.

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