Fat Bastard Chardonnay


Chardonnay will never go out of style and for only $180/case, this will impress everyone

Why do we love it, you ask?

If you ask for a Chardonnay and someone yells ‘Fat Bastard!’ at you, just take it. Because you are about to be handed a remarkably hot Californian that is also complex and mature. Unlike other Californians we know, it is balanced and generous (in buttery and citrus overtones). This Chardonnay is so smooth, you could take it home to meet mum but it is still chill enough to take to a party with your mates.

We want to thank the Fat Bastards for this high-quality Chardonnay that will never go out of style.

matchy matchy

This wine is going to make these types of food delish…and vice versa!




The long version.
Impress your friends. Impress yourself.

Grape: Chardonnay

Vintage: 2016

Region: California North Coast

Alcohol: 13.5%

In order for Fat Bastard to produce high quality, fruit driven, food friendly wines, the winemaker sources grapes from the best regions around the world. Their long standing relationship with their growers has ensured consistently excellent quality for each Fat bastard varietal, vintage after vintage.

Machine harvested during the cool of the night, the grapes go through a cold and slow fermentation with aromatic yeast to retain freshness in stainless steel. Matured over a plush amount of American and French oak, the Chardonnay is bottled under screwcap to retain freshness.Yellow in appearance, it has a soft, appealing stone fruit aroma along with tempting touches of hazelnut and lemon blossom with a sweet hint of almond praline.A rich and round palate has loads of yellow peach, fig and lemon curd, which pleasantly meld to a mid palate full of intriguing secondary notes of spice, toast and butterscotch with textural nutty, mealy complexity. The depth of the palate extends from the attractive structural acidity culminating in a zesty, clean finish of tangerine and grapefruit pith.

Need a reason to drink this wine?

Take it home to mum

Hang with your squad

Dinner parties beg for this wine


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