Fat Bastard Pinot Noir

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Delivers on the ultimate challenge – fabulous Pinot Noir under $20

Apparently the winemaker’s ex-wife got to name the wine in the divorce. Now, that is a great yarn to go with an awesome French Pinot Noir. Enjoy them both. You are welcome.

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Grape: Pinot Noir

Vintage: 2017

Region: Languedoc, France

Alcohol: 13.5%

This full bodied pinot delivers on its name. Delicate aromas featuring black and red fruit with hints of orange chocolate, ramp up to a full flavoursome pinot noir, with lashings of dark cherry and stewed rhubarb notes.

Good balancing acidity, tannin and palate persistence round out this French gem. Enjoy with the quintessential pinot partner, barbecued duck breast with quince paste jus.

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