La La Land Tempranillo


Why do we love it, you ask?

Get out around a fire with yer mates, cook up some spicy sausages and smoky chicken, rip the top of this tantalising Tempranillo and share it around. The fun starts here and only stops when siesta time hits, Spanish-style.

Made with a flair and generosity that comes from a passionate winemaker, that’s Frank Newman, this unpretentious but sexy Spanish-style wine will entertain everyone with excellent drinking right now. Challenge: put some away for 5-10 years to get some seriously intense flavours out of it.

matchy matchy

This wine is going to make these types of food delish…and vice versa!




The long version.
Impress your friends. Impress yourself.

Grape: Tempranillo

Vintage: 2017

Region: Murray Darling

Alcohol: 14%

This Tempranillo was fermented in sweeping-arm Potter fermenters for twelve days then matured in French and American oak barrels for nine months.

It has an alluring deep red– black appearance, with a palate of black cherries, juicy blackberries and little blueberries with liquorice spice.

Juicy, soft and full flavoured it is super smooth and super all round.

Need a reason to drink this wine?

In the great outdoors

BBQ days

Casual drinks with friends


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