Mojo Sauvignon Blanc


Grape: Sauvignon Blanc
Vintage: 2016
Region: Adelaide Hills SA
Alcohol: 12.7%

Style: Crisp

Mojo wines are crafted by the team from Rockbare, one of South Australia’s most admired outfits. This Sauvignon Blanc is made from fruit sourced by winemaker Marty O’Flaherty in the Adelaide Hills.

Your ideal seafood partner, this sauvignon blanc is bursting with tropical fruits and summer flowers. Passionfruit, guava, citrus blossom and feijoa are just the start of this fruit extravaganza. Hints of elderflower, dry grass, blackcurrant and gooseberry dance around the edges teaming up with mineral notes and crisp, natural acidity. Amidst it all is a creamy softness and an elemental funkiness. The finish is long and dry, leaving a cleansing grapefruit tang at the end. Any seafood will love being paired up with this gem, particularly blue swimmer crab, grilled prawns or sautéed scallops. Alternatively a simple goats cheese salad will be sensational!

When: First drink of the day


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