Norfolk Rise Sauvignon Blanc


Grape: Sauvignon Blanc
Vintage: 2017
Region: Mount Benson SA
Alcohol: 12%

Style: Crisp, Smooth

The Norfolk Rise Vineyard is located in the emerging wine region of Mount Benson on South Australia’s Limestone Coast where the climate is cool due to consistent, year round sea breezes that serve to moderate temperatures. Combine these cool, maritime micro climatic conditions with a free draining terra rossa soil profile and you have an excellent environment for premium grape production. Great booze and exceptional value for money.

Brilliant pale straw. The nose is lively with tropical fruit, lychee and perfumed musk.
Clean and crisp with passionfruit and guava flavours. Beautifully balanced with a refreshing mineral acidity giving a lingering finish.
With: Spicy, pan-seared scallops, asparagus with grilled Parmesan cheese and fresh seafood.



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